cyo 2005 basketball schedule

majors girls division

interparish games

 8th & 9th grades


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For safety reasons, since 1995 the race has been limited to a maximum of 17 starters. The Queen's Plate celebrated its 150th running on June 21, 2009.

team pictures will be taken at all st. anthony's home game sites on january 22nd and 23rd 29th and 30th, 2005. any team which has an away game, or those desiring individual pictures, are encouraged to come to the carasiti school between 10am and 4pm on january 22nd 29th. if they are unable to make it on the 22nd 29th, then there will be a smaller staff of photographers available on the 23rd 30th from noon to 4pm at carasiti.


our basketball program coordinators are tom & lori walsh.

they can be reached at

divisional rules

schedule lasted revised: 11 january 2005
page last updated: 02 january 2006
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