cyo 2005 basketball schedule

collegiate girls division

interparish games

 6th & 7th grades


schedule revised: 11 jan 2005

      fr. joe sports st. anthony's infant jesus
wk date time little flower school rocky point jr. hs mt. sinai middle school
      no. country rd., wading river rocky point rd (connected to hs) route 25a, mt. sinai
       directions to little flower   enter ms from side door
2 sat. 1-15 1:20-2:30pm     ij4 v. fj1 (rockers)
  sun. 1-16 12:00-1:10pm   sa3 v. fj5 (comets)  
    1:10-2:20   sa1 v. sa4  
    12:30-2:00pm fj3 (liberty) v. sa2    
    2:00-3:30pm fj2 (starzz) v. ij1    
3 sat. 1-22 3:40-5:00pm     ij1 v. sa4 
          (1/22/05 game only : mt. sinai
  sun. 1-23 12:00-1:10pm   sa 2 v. ij2 elementary school - front gym)
    1:10-2:20   sa1 v. sa3 (enter from side door facing 25a)
4 sat. 1-29 1:20-2:30pm     ij2 v. fj6 (sting)
  revised picture day      
  sun. 1-30 12:00-1:10pm   sa1 v. fj1 (rockers)  
    1:10-2:20   sa2 v. sa4  
    12:30-2:00pm fj2 (starzz) v. ij3    
    2:00-3:30pm fj4 (mystics) v. sa3    
5 sat. 2-5 1:20-2:30pm     ij3 v. fj3 (liberty)
  sun. 2-6 12:00-1:10pm   sa4 v. ij4  
    1:10-2:20   sa2 v. sa3  
    2:00-3:30pm fj5 (comets) v. sa1    
6 sat. 2-12 1:20-2:30pm     ij4 v. fj2 (starzz)
  sun. 2-13 12:00-1:10pm   sa1 v. ij1  
    1:10-2:20   sa3 v. sa4  
    2:00-3:30pm fj4 (mystics) v. sa2    
7 sat. 2-19 1:20-2:30pm     ij1 v. fj5 (comets)
  sun. 2-20 12:00-1:10pm   sa3 v. fj3 (liberty)  
    1:10-2:20   sa1 v. sa2  
    12:30-2:00pm fj4 (mystics) v. sa4    
    2:00-3:30pm fj1 (rockers) v. ij2    
  sat. 2-26 no games      
  sun. 2-27 12:00-1:10pm   sa2 v. sa4  
    1:10-2:20   sa1 v. sa3  
8 sat. 3-5 1:20-2:30pm     ij2 v. sa3
  sun. 3-6 12:00-1:10pm   sa2 v.  ij3  
    1:10-2:20   sa1 v. sa4  
        supplemental games at rp jhs  
  mon 3-7 7:00-8:00pm   sa1 v. sa2  
    8:00-9:00pm   sa3 v. sa4  
9 sat. 3-12 1:20-2:30pm     ij3 v. fj4 (mystics)
  sun. 3-13 12:30-2:00pm fj5 (comets) v. ij4    
    2:00-3:30pm fj6 (sting) v. fj3+d19    
    fr. joe teams fr. joe sports (fj) - coaches infant jesus (ij)  - coaches st. anthony's (sa) - coaches
    rockers (fj1) fj1 - ed testa          821-4061    
    starzz (fj2) fj2 - brian vail         744-6040 ij1 - frank schuch      821-3260 sa1 - john hartill  green-473-8882
    liberty (fj3) fj3 - matt smith        209-9691 ij2 - michael fracchia  474-5979 sa2 - dan martin blue-821-2416
    mystics (fj4) fj4 - joe bennett      929-3283 ij3 - tom fox               744-8898 sa3 - mike ferrara yellow-849-2782
    comets (fj5) fj5 - bill connors     345-5589 ij4 - steve armstrong  476-5830 sa4 - john soltysik red-744-0658
    sting (fj6) fj6 - mike qualley     744-5552    
      coordinator: dennis wallace 744-3134 coordinator: frank schuch 821-3260 sa coord - tom walsh 331-4596


picture day info      

team pictures will be taken at all st. anthony's home game sites on january 22nd and 23rd 29th and 30th, 2005. any team which has an away game, or those desiring individual pictures, are encouraged to come to the carasiti school between 10am and 4pm on january 22nd 29th. if they are unable to make it on the 22nd 29th, then there will be a smaller staff of photographers available on the 23rd 30th from noon to 4pm at carasiti.


our basketball program coordinators are tom & lori walsh.

they can be reached at


divisional rules

schedule lasted revised: 11 january 2005
page last updated: 02 january 2006
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