cyo 2005 basketball schedule

collegiate boys division

interparish games

 6th & 7th grades


schedule revised: 11 jan 05

      fr. joe sports st. anthony's little flower
wk date time swr middle school frank j. carasiti little flower
      front gym back gym school school
      randall road, shoreham south of rocky point
north country road
wading river
            directions to little flower
2 sat. 1-15 12:30-1:45     sa5 v. sa7  
    1:45-3:00     sa4 v. sa8  
    3:00-4:15     sa3 v. sa6  
    2:00-3:30pm  sa2 v. fj3 (celtics)      
    4:15-5:30pm      sa1 v. fj1 (kings)  
3 tues. 1-18 7:30-9:00pm       fj6 (knicks)  v. sa3
  sat. 1-22 12:30-1:45     sa1 v sa4  
    1:45-3:00     sa2 v sa6  
    3:00-4:15     sa3 v sa5  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa7 v. fj5 (lakers)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa8 v. fj6 (knicks)  
4 tues. 1-25 7:30-9:00pm       fj5 (lakers)  v. sa4
  sat. 1-29 12:30-1:45     sa3 v sa8  


picture day

1:45-3:00     sa1 v sa7  
    3:00-4:15     sa2 v sa4  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa5 v. fj6 (knicks)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa6 v. fj5 (lakers)  
5 tues. 2-1 7:30-9:00pm   fj3 (celtics)  v. sa5
  sat. 2-5 12:30-1:45     sa2 v sa7  
    1:45-3:00     sa1 v sa5  
    3:00-4:15     sa6 v sa8  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa3 v. fj3 (celtics)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa4 v. fj4 (heat)  
6 sat. 2-12 12:30-1:45     sa4 v sa6  
    1:45-3:00     sa3 v sa7  
    3:00-4:15     sa5 v sa8  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa1 v. fj2 (bulls)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa2 v. fj3 (celtics)  
7 tues. 2-15 7:30-9:00pm       fj1 (kings)  v. sa7
  sat. 2-19 12:30-1:45     sa1 v sa8  
    1:45-3:00     sa2 v sa5  
    3:00-4:15     sa6 v sa7  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa4 v. fj1 (kings)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa3 v. fj2 (bulls)  
  tues. 2-22 no games        
  sat. 2-26 no games        
8 tues. 3-1 6:00-7:30pm       sa1 v. lf
    7:30-9:00pm       fj2 (bulls)  v. sa8
  sat. 3-5 12:30-1:45     sa4 v sa7  
    1:45-3:00     sa2 v sa8  
    3:00-4:15     sa1 v sa3  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa6 v. fj1 (kings)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa5 v. fj5 (lakers)  
9 tues. 3-8 6:00-7:30pm       sa2 v. lf
    7:30-9:00pm       fj4 (heat)  v. sa6
  sat. 3-12 12:30-1:45     sa2 v sa3  
    1:45-3:00     sa1 v sa6  
    3:00-4:15     sa4 v sa5  
    2:00-3:30pm   sa8 v. fj4 (heat)    
    4:15-5:30pm     sa7 v. fj6 (knicks)  
10 tues. 3-15 6:00-7:30pm       sa3 v. lf
    7:30-9:00pm       fj3 (celtics)  v. sa4
end of interparish games
  fr. joe sports     st. anthony's   little flower
    coach telephone # coach telephone #        coach          tel. #
fj1 kings (lt. blue) al smith 929-5582 sa1- warren thixton 744-1191 (royal blue)

lf-   eric williams


fj2 bulls (red) jeff turano 929-5578 sa2- phil nociforo 744-8461 (purple) ext.: 1220
fj3 celtics (green) lou mistretta 924-2543 sa3- tom walsh 331-4596 (light blue)  
fj4 heat (black) pat clancy 744-5651 sa4- rich yannucci 744-7939 (grey)  
fj5 lakers (gold) rich davolio 929-3351 sa5- gil otano 929-5425 (orange)  
fj6 knicks (blue) george harkin 369-5698 sa6- frank zitaglio 849-2391 (red)  
        sa7- greg maggio 821-4219 (yellow)  
fr. joe coordinator dennis wallace 744-3134 sa8- bob popko 821-7428 (dark green) lf coord. tom hughes
        sa coordinator tom walsh
929-6200 x 1153

picture day info      

team pictures will be taken at all st. anthony's home game sites on january 22nd and 23rd 29th and 30th, 2005. any team which has an away game, or those desiring individual pictures, are encouraged to come to the carasiti school between 10am and 4pm on january 22nd 29th. if they are unable to make it on the 22nd 29th, then there will be a smaller staff of photographers available on the 23rd 30th from noon to 4pm at carasiti.

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divisional rules


schedule lasted revised: 11 january 2005
page last updated: 02 january 2006
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