saint anthony쯦ont>

route 25a, rocky point, li  11778

cyo philosophy



  • to provide within such programs an atmosphere where all children, regardless of athletic ability can flourish and grow.  where the emphasis is on learning, development skills, fostering friendship and enhancing self-esteem.  where competition is friendly and winning is secondary.
  • to maintain a program that is manageable in size and non-threatening, so that each child can receive as much individual attention as possible and not get lost in a crowd.
  • to ensure that the adults in the program are committed to the virtues of patience, gentleness and understanding, and set an example of fairness and self-control at all times.
  • to encourage parents and relatives to support the programs both physically頍 volunteering to work in the individual programsemotionally頴heir presence and positive reinforcement at these activities.
  • to provide programs not just limited to sports but other experiences both social and spiritual to enable children to discover and develop their persons in a friendly, spiritual and joyful atmosphere.
  • to, above all else, represent christ to our children, to their parents and to one another and to incorporate fully christian ideals into every facet of st. anthonyùo program.



 this statement and our sportsmanship statement are the foundation of our cyo program.  please take a few minutes to read these statements with your children, so everyone has a better understanding of our program.

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