The History of CYO



St. Anthony's Catholic Youth Organization was founded in 1984 by Joan Morris, at the request of, then Pastor, Fr. Frank Gaeta, to provide programs for our children that would let them participate in activities in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  That fall, St. Anthony's fielded two soccer teams.  One was coached by the CYO's first volunteer, Maurice St. Pierre, and the other by Joan's husband--Brian.  From these humble beginnings, the program grew, with the support of the parish and Fr. Joe and now Fr. Richard.  After 10 years, Joan was succeeded as director by George Edwards, followed by Brian Morris in 1993.  The present director, as of September 1 2012, is Mike Gasparini.


The CYO activities are centered on four sports.  For the current school year, fees start at $55.00 per child, $110.00 for two or more children. CYO has a no-questions-asked scholarship program for any child whose family cannot afford the fee.  Each child receives a uniform and a trophy.  The sports are:


  •  Soccer --  played from September to mid-November, for ages 4 to 14. Our soccer program is entirely intramural, and all games are played on St. Anthony's field.  The older divisions have boys' and girls' teams, the younger divisions are co-ed.  Our soccer coordinators are Angela and Jayson Kiang.



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  •   Track -- Our Track Program is in hiatus, as we are looking for a Track Program Coordinator.  If you are interested in learning about the position, or becoming the Coordinator, contact Mike Gasparini, Director of CYO at


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  •   Basketball -- Grades 2 through 9.  The times and places of play and practice are determined by availability of facilities.  The usual schedule is one game per weekend for 10 weeks, with a practice one night a week.  The basketball season is January to St. Patrick's Day.  Our basketball coordinators are Mike Hanson and Mike Nofi



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  •   Baseball, Softball and T-Ball -- played from early April to mid-June, for boys and girls aged 4 through 9th grade.  These are intramural programs, and all games are played on St. Anthony's field.  The schedule varies, but in general, almost all children play on Saturdays and the older children play or practice once on a weeknight.  The younger divisions are co-ed, and the older children divide into girls' softball and boys' baseball.  Our baseball/softball coordinators are Mike & Elaine Gasparini.


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Our programs are supported by several very important people covering four important aspect of the CYO Program.  Kirsten Rinn is the CYO's purveyor of haute cuisine as the coordinator of Le Shack -- our concession stand.  We have a yet unfilled position for field maintenance coordinator. Gail Vagle, our financial secretary, is the keeper of the books.


The CYO is governed by the CYO Council.  The membership of the council consists of the:

  • Director

  • Several coordinators

  • Two parent representative

  • Three Trustees, and

  • Our Pastor -- Father Richard Hoerning.


The CYO is above all a volunteer organization, open to all.  The contributions of the volunteers range from the monumental hours given by the sports coordinators, to the weekly commitment of the hundreds of coaches, to the occasional hour selling hot dogs in Le Shack, but all the volunteers are willing to give of themselves for our children.  By this gift, they make St. Anthony's a better parish, and Rocky Point a better town.



As a side note please, without volunteers, CYO would cease to exist--that is the truth.  The people who are the program coordinators have lives that are just as busy as yours are, but they have found the time to keep the program running.  Can you take the step beyond coaching and move up to be a coordinator so when one of our coordinators decides to  "retire" our program can continue seamlessly?  


If you can give of yourself for the kids of the community and take one of these positions, please email Mike Gasparini at


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Updated:  September 8 2012