CYO Basketball

Girls’ Minors Division Rules

4th & 5th Grade



v       Defense – Man to man defense only.  No double-teaming the ball.

v       Pressing – There shall be no pressing whatsoever in the backcourt.

v       Referees – The referee’s role is to allow players to develop while keeping control of the game.  Only obvious violations will be enforced.  In the spirit of developing our players, a Referee may treat a violation (Traveling, double-dribbling, etc.) as a warning to the offending team and allow that team to retain possession of the ball.  This bending of the rules shall be permitted during the first half of each game.  During the second half, the same infractions will result in the ball being turned over to the opposing team.  All fouls will be called and enforced throughout the game.

v       Violations  Callable violations include (but are not limited to)

o       Three seconds - Obvious 3 second violations will be called by the referee, particularly when a player is gaining an advantage by “camping in the paint”.

o       Traveling –

§        An offensive player brings his dribble to a stop and takes more than the allotted two steps without shooting or passing the ball.

§        An offensive player in possession of the ball takes more than one step in any direction without keeping one foot stationary.  The stationary, or pivot foot, must not be moved once it is established.

§        When an offensive player carries the ball while dribbling.

o       Double dribble – when a player stops her dribble and then dribbles again.

v       Shooting Fouls – Any foul in the act of shooting is a two-shot foul and also counts as one team foul.

v       Intentional Fouls – Any intentional foul will result in two shots plus possession of the ball at the spot closest to the location of the foul.

v       Flagrant Fouls – Any player charged with a flagrant foul shall be ejected from the game immediately. All ejections should be reported to the division coordinator as soon as possible.

v       Personal Fouls – On the 5th personal foul, the player is fouled out and shall sit on the bench for the remainder of the game.  On the 7th team foul in any one half, the other team is granted a one-and-one situation.  All personal, intentional or flagrant fouls count toward the team’s total fouls for a half.  On the 10th team foul in any one half, the other team shoots two shots.

v       Technical Fouls – A player shall be ejected from a game upon receipt of his or her 2nd technical foul. All ejections should be reported to the division coordinator as soon as possible. All technical fouls shall result in two shots for the other team and possession of the ball at mid-court opposite the scorer’s table. 

v       Profanity - Note, any player using foul language during the game will result in a Technical Foul and immediate ejection from the game. All ejections should be reported to the division coordinator as soon as possible.

v       Foul Shots – the ball must be released by the shooter prior to anybody (including the shooter) entering the lane.  It is a violation for any of the players to be standing on the lane lines. The rebounders shall not occupy the spot closest to the basket. A maximum of 5 players can occupy lane spots, with a maximum of two from the shooters team.

v       Jump Balls – The game shall be started with a jump ball.  All other quarters shall be administered according to the Alternate Possession procedure.

v       Game Time – Under no circumstances shall a game go beyond its allotted time.  No overtimes shall be played.  The referee shall stop the game and the leading team at that time shall be the winner. 

v       Running Time and Stop Time – Games shall consist of four ten-minute quarters. The first three quarters shall be played with running time and the final two minutes of the fourth quarter shall be played with stop-time.  Therefore only within the last two minutes of the game shall the clock stop for fouls and out of bounds throw-ins.

v       Time Outs – Each team is granted two 1-minute time outs per half.  They are not carried over from one half to the next.

v       Fighting/Taunting – There is zero tolerance of any player that either taunts or fights.  Any player observed doing either of these actions by a referee shall result in immediate ejection of the player or players involved by the referee.  Any player that takes a punch at another player, even if he/she does not make contact will be treated the same as if he or she hit another player and will be ejected. All such incidents must be reported to the basketball coordinator (Brian Morris (631) 744-2169). 

o       Any player that is ejected a second time within the season for fighting or taunting shall be banned from the St. Anthony’s basketball program for the remainder of the season (there will be no refund made).

v       Substitutions – Subs are allowed to be beckoned into the game by the referee if they are at the scorers table and have provided their number to the score keeper.  Substitutions are not automatic upon the horn sounding and all players must wait to be beckoned by the referee before entering.

v       Miscellaneous - Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  No jewelry shall be worn during games.  If a player wears glasses, they must be worn in such a way as to keep them from falling off during normal play.

v       Playing Time – All players shall be granted the opportunity to play an equal amount of time during the game or scrimmage.  Generally speaking this means each child will play approximately half a game in terms of minutes to the best of the coaches’ ability.  This program is designed to help teach children and gain their confidence, not win ballgames through the use of selected players.  All coaches in all age groups within St. Anthony’s CYO shall follow this rule.


v       Have fun and please follow the St. Anthony CYO Philosophy.


Our Basketball Program Coordinators are Tom & Lori Walsh.

They can be reached at


Rules Revised: 18 January 2004

 Page Last Updated: 08 January 2005